Jeff Bailey is Unpopular

I recently wondered if JB led the PawSox in HBP. Well, as far as the numbers through mid-August prove, he did. By quite a few. Adding it all up was quite a pain in the ass. Just try to figure out the HBP totals for non-roster minor leaguers. Just you try.

Jeff Bailey was great in Pawtucket, past year notwithstanding. He had an appealing averageness, like someone you may have partied with in high school. I have this in common with him: living in Washington. We could have possibly been co-residents.

Sure, I made fun of him, but it was done out of love. After all, he was the team MVP in 2006. And he got that weekend with Boston. I hope he gets another shot with another team somewhere.

Favorite TV Show: The Daily Show
Favorite Musical Artist: Jim Croce
Favorite Movie: Talladega Nights
Favorite Celebrity: Jessica Alba
Favorite Hobby: golf
Favorite City: Seattle
Favorite Athlete: Walter Jones
Best Friend in Baseball: Brett Roneberg
Favorite Donut: Boston creme


Jere said...

As Bill Murray once said in Groundhog Day, "I am really close on this one." Or, as Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters, "We're very, very close."

Daily Show is one of my favorites.

I don't own any Croce, but my mom says my favorite song when I was like 3 was "Leroy Brown," which I sang as "Lee Bom Bom."

I'm sure TD is funny, just haven't seen it because I can't see it being different than any other Ferrell movie.

I like mini golf.

I love Seattle.

I don't know much about Alba, Jones, or Roneberg, but if the 02145erino reads this, she can tell you what kind of donut I get every time.

Kim said...

He likes those meat donuts.

Kim said...

Seriously, there is a wrapper on the car floor from Jere's most recent Boston Cream, following our softball loss on Wednesday night.

Jere said...

Oh, but I never gave my title suggestion. I'll have to think about it. But whatever it is, I hope the "mom/journalist" line is still below it.

"Paws Rewind" would be good, if you were a local TV station's weekly PawSox wrap up show hosted by some guy who is sure of one thing: he's funny, and who is really just auditioning for an ESPN job. Oh, and if it was '89, and people knew what "rewind" meant.

You could take the team logo and Photoshop it to say "AW,FUCK IT".

You could take RI and make it "Are I," like, "RI Crazy??"

"Legalize Pawt"?

How about "Do We Have Triple-A?"?

"One Tuck, One No-Tuck"?

"Paucity"? "Pawsity"? "Paw City"?

"Minor Pause"?

"Give Me Pause"?

"Sox with a Minor"? (or "Sox with AAA Minor")

Actually, wait, I am liking the "paws/pause" thing even more because the pictures you use are like paused shots of someone's life. Maybe work that in somehow. Like Paused Life or Life on Paws or something, but way better.