We appreciate all you've done.

The year was 2005. The relief pitcher was Blaine Neal. Briefly a Red Sox member, Neal is probably best remembered for his ferocious contribution to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays brawl involving Trot Nixon.

Anyway, you know how when you get those Red Sox t-shirts with the player name, guys like Varitek and Matsuzaka and Ortiz and Schilling and Ramirez have the red or navy lettering, but if you want someone like Alex Cora or Kyle Snyder or Javier Lopez, the letters are white?

The point is, if you want a Blaine Neal Red Sox t-shirt, they're still selling them on redsox.com. Anyone on the current roster plus Blaine Neal. Oh, the memories.

It's too bad I can't get a Ricky Gutierrez t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH im so happy for you pawtucket loves you!
aii the paw soxs who got called up
congrats to all you guys
us real red socks fans whatched you grow and knew you befor you got to the the red soxs you made this happen with out none red sox we would not have made it this far

Jenks said...