The following organizational dudes are headed west to play in the Arizona Fall League. Or east if they've gone home to Nevada/California:

from AAA:
SS Jed Lowrie
RHP Craig Hansen

RHP Kyle Jackson

A few others. I don't mess around much below AA. Even Portland is a deep, dark tempestuous place.

TempleUSox observes on the SoxProspects forum: "The AFL is so worthless. The hitting prospects just boost their stats in an offensive-friendly environment against non-prospects and the pitching prospects don't go. What a complete waste."

So there you have it, an opposing viewpoint. I have no desire to watch AFL ball... it seems rather dry and instructional and who really cares who wins? It's scouting and drills and zzzzzzz.

Yeah, I took a week off. So what? Minor league's over, man.

So... what do you want to talk about?

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