4.14.13 Pawtucket Red Sox v Rochester Red Wings - Mitch is Haier

Pawtucket wins 5-2 in eleven innings, and now they are 9-1 and Rochester is 2-8. It's early.

Starting pitcher was Jeremy "Zito" Kehrt, who got a couple of outs in the fourth inning and called it a night. Kehrt gave up two runs on four hits, including a home run by Clete Thomas. Oh, Clete Thomas.

Starter for Lord Rochester was Andrew Albers. Albers did a great job, pitching five scoreless innings with five strikeouts and no walks. He left the game with his team up 2-0.

In the bottom of the seventh, Pawtucket tied the game when possible steroid user Drew Sutton hit a two-run single. And then the game was all tied up until the eleventh inning... GOD. I'm so STUPID!! Of course the game was tied until the eleventh, because the game was eleven innings long. SO OBVIOUS.

It was Anthony Slama again, reliving a Rhode Island Nightmare. He walked Iglesias and everything was dark and happening in slow-motion and he heard screams... Blood everywhere... Slama tried to stop everything but all he could do was keep pitching the ball and he could see what was coming but he was helpless to stop everything from derailing... And Slama got two outs and he thought he could see maybe a different outcome with Bryce Brentz approaching the plate and everything got really quiet and he could hear his heart beating in his ears and he tried to breathe in and out but Brentz was out of focus and Slama's circle of vision kept tightening and he thought he would wake up at any second... Every pitch came out wrong, no matter what he tried... He couldn't feel the ball right, it wasn't coming out right, his arms were awkward and he tried to relax and not overthink, not get too aware of his own body and its angles but next thing he knew Brentz was at first base because he'd walked him after only one swinging strike and Iglesias had stolen third and Mitch Maier was there, another batter, another summitless mountain he'd have to climb and more than anything Slama didn't want Herrmann running out to him, he wanted an ending, for better or for worse, but his first pitch to Maier was a ball and Slama felt the air temperature dropping, dropping and he felt like he was drowning in infield dirt and he did not surprise himself at all by throwing another ball to Maier and in a way this calmed him and the clouds cleared a little and he located the next pitch but Maier was on top of it and calm as anything, Maier swung hard right through it, clocked, line drive to right and over the fence.

Sorry, Rochester Red Wings. Kevin Slowey isn't walking through that door. Neither is Nick Blackburn.

her name is panik:
1. Win goes to Ryan Rowland-Smith, who pitched three no-hit innings. 27 pitches, it was awesome.

2. The game was only three hours and fifteen minutes long, which is breezy considering the extra couple of innings. Some of those regulation-length RailRiders games clocked in longer than that.

3. Knuckleballs, a blog, has an article entitled "The End of Anthony Slama". How prescient, Eric Pleiss!

4. Jon Baker, Pawtucket paper: "The bash came on southpaw Anthony Slama’s 2-0 fastball, with Jose Iglesias stationed at third (after a walk, Ryan Lavarnway’s groundout and a stolen bag) and Bryce Brentz at first.
“As soon as I hit it, I knew the outfielder wasn’t going to catch it,” Maier grinned long after his teammates mobbed him at the plate. “I thought if it stayed fair, it might be a double and we’d win the game. When I saw it go past the foul pole, I was amazed.
“This is awesome!” he added. “I thought I got hit in the leg by a water bucket, and once I got (inside the tunnel to the clubhouse), I got a pie in the face.”
When asked who the culprit had been, he laughed, “Mr. Lavarnway, but don’t worry. His time will come. After all, it’s a long season.”

Long quote, but it needed to be included.

5. Jay Miller! "[I]t was a new face, late to the party, who found his batting eye just in time Sunday afternoon. Veteran major league outfielder Mitch Maier, who'd been sidelined in spring training when he hurt his left wrist, ended yesterday's eleven-inning deadlock with a three-run walk-off home run, just inside the foul pole in right field, for a 5-2 PawSox victory." I wish I had Jay Miller's job. I never should have dropped out of college.

6. Cody Christie is a North Dakota Twins Fan: "The Twins refusal to give Slama a legitimate shot at the big league level is perplexing to say the least. He has shown the ability to have very good success at the minor league level and it seems that the natural progression would be to give him more of an extended look with the major league squad. Over the last two seasons, there have been plenty of questionable arms that were used out of the bullpen so it seems curious to not give Slama a chance. He isn't getting any younger and he is getting close to 30-years old so his chance at being a regular at the big league level might have already passed him by."

7. Look! I have a lot of material to link to because David Ortiz didn't play yesterday! Thanks, David! Take two days off, they're small.

TONIGHT. IronPigs! Oh my god, it's going to be absolutely freezing but I think I am going. I'm cold already. Allen Webster v Tyler Cloyd. Maybe I'll double up on iron pills?

Paz afuera!

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