4.18.13 Red Sox v IronPigs - And Dr. Benton Was Pissed

Sorry I'm late. I accidentally fell into a lens grinder and made a spectacle of myself.

Pawtucket sucks, 14-5. Anthony Carter, what happened?

Starting pitcher for Pawtucket was Rubby De La Rosa, who lost his mind in the second inning. De la Rosa gave up four runs on two hits, but he walked half the IronPigs. Jeremy Kehrt tried to help, and he did okay, pitching four innings and I'll say "Good job, JK", even though I'm not in his fan club. His fan club is called "Common Kehrtousy". Kehrt gave up a run.

Adam Morgan was the Lehigh Valley starter and I know nothing about him. I wanna say he's a lefty... I mean, I attended this game so I should know. Warren... No, Adam Warren is a different pitcher. Morgan pitched five innings and only gave up one run.

Oscar Villareal pitched the seventh and eighth innings and gave up three runs. Anthony Carter totally Britta'd the ninth inning, giving up six g.d. runs, including a home run from Steven Lerud and a grand slam from Cody Asche. Classic Asche!

David Ortiz hit a home run.

And that's all I got.

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