Pawtucket loses 8-5

David Pauley pitched and really laid it all out. He gave up ten hits in five innings which resulted in three runs. He was really trying hard to be good, you could see it. Craig Hansen came in and ball, ball, ball, ball,walk, ball, ball, WHACK! Hits the batter, Eric Duncan. Gets ejected. Seems some of the Yankees pitchers were getting bitchy with the hitters, getting up and in on McEwing's noggin and plunking Jeff Bailey in the bum. Hey, the asshole doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

Suffice it to say Hansen flipped out after the ejection. Breslow came in and it was pretty much over at that point. Too bad, it really looked like they had a shot until fuckface came in.

Some Claggett kid pitched for S-W/B. The field was populated with leftovers and it was a little sad. You should have seen this one S-W/B reliever, Kozlowski.

After the game, it was announced that "Your 2007 Pawtucket Red Sox" would take the field one last time. So each coach and trainer and player was called out one by one and handed a phat gift bag. Yay! Turns out the gift bags were filled with squishy baseballs.

The best part was that the players all ran out and tossed copious amounts of squishy balls into the stands. This went on for quite some time. It should have been done in slow motion, with a swelling, gorgeous soundtrack. It was weird. Imagine watching a really good TV show and at the end of the season finale, the characters turned to you and smiled at you and then tossed gifts into your lap. Everyone in the stands was crying a little bit. Or the maybe it was late afternoon sun in their eyes.

In spite of not pitching that great, Pauley seemed to be having probably the most fun, throwing the balls as high up as he could... way up back to the people in the last rows... even getting excited when he threw one up over the roof.

DP's been a great guy in Pawtucket and I never really gave him anything... so Spirit Award goes to David Pauley. As I said before, the Last Nice Guy at McCoy.

The end! Pawtucket opens their season at home on April 3rd. I'll just be sitting here twiddling my thumbs.


Kim said...

One of the last people I would want pissed at me is Craig Hansen. The teeth! The height! I would shit if I saw him coming at me.

But sometimes he's really cute.

Go figure.

Jenks said...

I have never seen him cute. He is huge, though.