2.11.07 The Rhinestone Cowgirls v. The Holy Rollers: Kill! Kill! Kill!

Holy Rollers WIN! 72-43

This was my first time attending a roller derby event. It is sort of like the WWF. Like more of a theatrical thing. Fortunately, they hand out copies of the rules so you know what a jammer is and so forth.

Some people told me there was a show about all of this on A&E, which I kind of sort of remember. At any rate, I didn't watch it. I didn't expect it to be the spectacle it was... there was a swarm of people who couldn't get seats just standing near rink. All costumed and perfumed and raucous.

I was rooting for the Holy Rollers mostly because Cowgirls remind me of bad country music. Turns out I picked the right team! With superstars like Smarty Pants and Sister Mary Jane, how can you lose? Especially Sister MJ, who is probably six feet tall and makes it seem so easy.

I will say that the roller derby ladies are pretty tough. They do a great job and the whole thing was really entertaining. Providence has a roller derby league, too, so I may have to check that out.

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