I had to abbreviate the Mantei post due to the things in life that distract you from having it your way. It feels incomplete to me but I'm not going to touch it.


Frayed Knots:

Mike Matheny, catcher, retired. He had a concussion or something. He was pretty cool.

Zambrano the Lesser has been picked up by Toronto, will play in the minors.

Ruben Sierra was signed to a minor league contract by the Mets. The Mets AAA team is in NO now, so I don't get to see him.

Carlos Pena will be a minor league first baseman for Tampa Bay. The stupid, romantic part of me thought it was great when he was up toward the end of the year. Everyone loved him... remember?

David Wells is officially a Padre again. Why did he hate Boston so much? The Red Sox are playing San Diego during interleague. I would love to go see that.

The Padres played at Fenway in 2004, I think it was. I was at that game where Wells pitched and whoa, it was a good one. I wanna say the opposing pitcher was Pedro. I think the final score was 1-0. A UFO may have landed in shallow center at some point.

We'll discuss this further when I get home.

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