some new ideas for baseball cards

1. Make a set that's big. Like postcard size. You can fit way more information on the back. They could be like flashcards! You could be watching a baseball game on TV and, hey, here comes Casey Fossum... what's he been up to since Boston? Right there on the card. Get out all the cards that correspond to the opposing team. Baseball Prospectus is too unwieldy and, for some of us, mostly indecipherable.

2. Have the reverse of the card be a shot of the player in his underpants. This is not for the sake of prurience. This is to answer the question: Is the player fat or is it all muscle? What kind of shape is this guy in? Can skinny-boy pitch more than 98 innings? Very good idea.

That's all I have so far.

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Jere said...

'member when I posted the Jim Rice pic? That was postcard-size. In fact, since I photographed it on the Trivial Pursuit box, and you have the same game supposedly, you could use it for scale. Topps made these in the early 80s. The back only had the player's name on it, no stats. Then they had the 3-D cards which which also pretty big, and the player puffed out. I have a Goose Gossage one. They came one per pack. Then there was Topps Big baseball cards from the late 80s. Not postcard sized, but with stats. That might be the closest to your dream.

I saw this story on Olbermann about the Jeter card in your post--with Bush and Mantle on it. I looked all over the internet and couldn't find a pic--nor mention of it--anywhere. So, thanks for the pic, now I can e-mail it to my friend Brian.