I didn't want to write about this, but it's been bugging me all day.

Every morning, I have a bagel for breakfast. With cream cheese. And this morning I was out of cream cheese so I ran over to the market with three dollars and some quarters.

I paid FOUR DOLLARS for a brick of Tropical brand cream cheese. What kills me is that Philadelphia was on sale for 99 cents, but it's a Kraft product so I can't buy it.



Jere said...

Do you like a lot of cream cheese or a little? When I get a bagel from a Dunkin' Donuts type place, they put so much on, and then the close the bagel (even that is weird for me), and there's this huge glob of CC in the middle. Do they expect me to eat it straight? I always end up smearing it on the paper to just be rid of it. I'm just sayin', you can't put it over the hole, because you have to eat CC with bagel beneath. You don't make a PBJ and extend the jelly out an inch off the sandwich, and eat it straight. I mean, you wouldn't if you could. And you don't put chocolate frosting completely over the top of a donut with a hole. You put it around the top of the donut. Granted, I'd be fine with any extra chocolate no matter where they put it. CC is more disgusting as a self-contained blob.

Jere said...

Update: Chan just brought me back a toated bagel w/CC from Bagel Express. New experience: it was so "toasted" that the CC was almost like soup. So it was all spilling out the sides and hard to eat. I never eveen got a chance to worry about the CC in the hole.