so who goes home?

Today when I checked the mail there was a Red Sox ticket. Just one for a late-season Twins game. The Twins are so cool.

I don't normally go to Fenway games by myself. I do go to a lot of PawSox games by myself. I am probably not a lot of fun to go to games with because I take it kind of seriously. I like to be there early and it takes a LOT for me to leave before the game ends. I bring a small piece of luggage with me. I may have a beer or two, but I almost never get drunk.

Some people can just mosey in during the first three innings and then leave early to beat traffic. Some people spend the entire game making phone calls and saying, "Dude, guess where I am? I'm at the Sox game RIGHT NOW!" Some people have kids to worry about and spend half the game buying cotton candy from vendors. Some people gear up and get sloppy and party with 35,750 other people. Some people get explosive diarrhea and have to spend an hour in the lav. Some people have loved ones over in Iraq and can't really concentrate on the game because they just don't know what is going to happen.

Some people need to pay their cable bill so they can see pitchers and catchers reporting on February 15th. Isn't that the best? It's like watching the first moon landing... well-rested athletes getting out of their stupid SUVs and walking through the parking lot in the Florida sunshine. Daisuke! Papelbon! Varitek!

So BOS v. MIN in late September. Wow, that's almost the future! I wonder if everyone will be wearing anti-radiation suits and eating capsule food?

And that's part of why I like buying late-season tickets a year in advance. You never know where we'll be.


Jere said...

I bought the whole Twins series. See you there!

I've gone my whole life without being able to see the Red Sox reporting to camp. Always Mets and Yanks for me. You people in the Boston TV market don't realize how lucky you are. Or maybe some do, I don't know. I don't have an actual percieved-luck meter.

Baseball Diva said...

Buying your tickets in advance can be wonderful.

I bought my first ticket to a game at Fenway during January. When I arrived at the park in June, PEDRO was pitching! Who knew?

And I prefer to attend games the way you do, BH. I often get there when the gates open, and it's takes dire circumstances to get me to leave early. The 2006 season was an abberation, as most of the games I attended, I had three people with me and while I greatly enjoy their company, it wasn't the same.

Jere said...

I also prefer the go early, stay late method, as I grew up with my dad always making us leave early to "beat the traffic." Going with others is cool, but when you live the GESL lifestyle, sometimes it's better to be alone, because usually everyone else is all, "let's totally get there not early and leave right away afterwards!" But you go to ebough games, eventually you feel okay about getting there later with someone else, because you've got plenty of other games to GESL it.