Non-roster pitchers - We're having this party, please come.

40 - Runelvys Hernandes RHP
41 - Bryan Corey RHP
43 - Adam Bernero RHP
59 - Mike Burns RHP
63 - Travis Hughes RHP
79 - Abe Alvarez LHP

Poor Abe Alvarez. Seems like he's been languishing in Pawtucket forever. His prospect status has plummeted... I hope he gets traded to a nice, cozy National League team this year so he can at least make some bank. They could even staple Charlie Zink to him to sweeten the pot.

Travis Hughes... someone remind me who that is.


Unknown said...

no way, Abe is the only reason i drag my ass down to pawtucket...and i mean, he's only been there a couple years...the thing is, he was accelerated through the system at a faster rate than a lot of the guys. he's still young...personally i think trading him would be a mistake. and my car can't take the extra milage.

Anonymous said...

he went so quickly because of his high level of pitchability, but his stuff is barely enough for AAA, too bad I wa just as excited for him as anyone else