you wait for august then you wait for may

Possible International Leaguers: Ronnie Belliard (Nationals) and... Jacoby Ellsbury. Pawtucket's opening day is April 13th against the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees. If I am not dead by that time I will be there.

For some reason I thought of sitting above the dugout last summer and whenever Tim Bausher would walk out to the bullpen before the game, I'd say, "YEAH, BITCH, WORK IT! SHAKE THAT ASS!" I doubt he heard me but that still wasn't very nice. And then I was at a non-PawSox game where David Newhan was in the outfield and a fan said, "SHAKE THAT ASS NEWHAN!!" and Newhan shook it. It was pretty sweet.

February 28th will be the first televised game: BoSox and Twins. This has created sort of a problem for me since it's a Wednesday night and I have a prior commitment. That I am cancelling. Because I have waited forever for this to start. Apologies to the Wednesday Night Crew.

I am definitely in a bad mood.

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Jere said...

I've obtained four baseballs at major league games (all in BP). One came from David Newhan, flipping it to me. So he's done a lot for us. A minor league game I'll mos def be at this summer will be in July, when Gedman's Twistaz come to New Haven.

All right, I have to go (put another Gedman comment on your blog in a different location).