cinco de mayo, seis de junio

Two things:

1. I bought my Twins tickets last night. May 5th and 6th v. the heavenly Boston Red Sox. I'm so excited and really looking forward to my Mexican weekend in Minneapolis, the most Mexicanest city in North America. Cheers!

2. Speaking of Mexicans, I recently read that Central Falls had one of the highest increases of Mexican immigrants in New England. You know what city number two was? You will never ever guess. At any rate, I have started to see evidence of this over the past year or two. What I am wondering is... how does someone from Mexico wind up in Rhode Island? And furthermore, city number two (Burlington, Vermont?!) is even more of a mystery. Side note: I am a closet mariachi fan. I own several mariachi CDs.

3. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I was baptized Catholic so I know all about this. I'm not Catholic anymore, not really, but I like giving up something for Lent. This year I am giving up pizza. I know you think that's not so hard, but it is. Plus I have to get in shape for baseball season.

4. Getting back to Mexico: Hershey has moved ten percent of its production to Mexico. More to follow, I am sure. So I have essentially eaten my last Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Can you imagine?

5. Last night I watched a great deal of Yankeeography with Tom, my brother who is a Yankee fan. The Thurman Munson story was sad and I cried a little.

6. Also making me cry: A few days ago, some guy was walking his dogs at Lincoln Woods and he fell through the ice. His family got worried when he didn't come home. Neither did his two Golden Retrievers: they stayed by the hole in the ice all night. The police saw the impressions their bodies left on the ice... and it was cold and stormy. Those dogs waited for him... even though it was freezing. The guy's dead, of course. I cannot relate this story without tearing up. If dogs weren't involved, I wouldn't care half as much.

7. I love you just as much as I hate your guts. Baseball '07. I can't wait.


Jere said...

My group of friends from HS have this one friend we all make fun of ("like us with Elaine...") and recently we've been compiling a fake family tree for this person--behind their back, of course. After I came up with "Unlcle Cleveland," my other friend took the joke too far, saying that he has an uncle from Mexico named "Uncle Minnesota." I asked him what kind of Mexican would name their kid after a northern state... and now I read of your Mexican weekend in Minnesota. And I read this just after describing a coincidence to someone whose significant other is currently in...Burlington, VT. I will tell her about this ol' place and see if she can come here to confirm.

My friend Brian gave up pizza once. I still have to get the short film I made about it up on my blog...

laura k said...

I will tell her about this ol' place and see if she can come here to confirm.

Well, I can confirm SeƱor Redsock is in Vermont right now.

I didn't know Burlington had a Mexican population now. That's good news for Burlington.

Jenks said...

You like Gedman more than anyone I know likes anything.

Jenks said...
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