Airport, schmairport.

1. Jason Varitek - "Varitek Schmaritek, you take David Ortiz, period. Maybe Manny Ramirez."

2. Pedro Martinez - "Pedro schmedro, the big question is, are we going to have a Halladay this summer."

3. Johnny Damon - "ahhhh...an Damon schmamon..0-4. haa. he's a beestard..yesterday I watched the yankee game and they interviewed him and he said he hits homers cause "chicks dig it"...ghay.."

4. Manny Ramirez - "Manny Schmanny. He’s an overpaid loafer with really bad hair whose only accomplishment may be to break the career record for grand slams, set by a true American hero (and Yank!) That makes me sad. You will never see Ramirez in the Hall."

5. Kevin Youkilis - "Swishy needs all the votes he can get. Youkilis, schmoukilis!"

6. Tim Wakefield - "Live music with Breaker Breaker and Wakefield Schmakefield"

7. Curt Schilling - "Schilling, Schmilling. I had to pitch against the Yankees in knee deep snow. With no shoes on. And I mean the whole nine innings, not 4 or 5 innings like you youngsters today."

8. David Ortiz - "Ortiz -Schmoritz and all the others of his ilk. The thinning of pitching talent available for active duty in the MLB is so obvious.
For hitters the environment is paradisiacal."

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