Game Notes from the Atlantic

Two things:
1. Luis Exposito went 3-5. In fact, everybody got a hit! Brett Carroll struck out three times, though.
2. This Weiland/Meyers pitching matchup also occurred at the Futures at Fenway game the other day. Except the Chiefs won.
3. Was Brad Meyers' high school coach's name really Tood Cook? Tood?
4. Federal Baseball has a very good interview with Brad Meyers. THEY PUT METAL PINS IN HIS FOOT!!
5. Meyers took Matt Chico's spot in triple-A.
6. Meyers' teammate Josh Johnson describes him as 'mild-mannered, reserved and an awesome guy'.
7. Bus Leagues LY interview with Severino, who keeps his remarks brief.

Tonight! Double header. Matt Fox and stuff. Yankees. Let's do it.

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