8.10.13 Red Sox @ Chiefs - Surprise! It's Ohlendorf!

Pawtucket wins, Allen Webster wins, and in a very small way Ross Ohlendorf also won. 3-1 PawSox.

Webster pitched 5 1/3 and the one Syracuse run is all his fault. DH Tyler Moore hit an RBI double in the top of the sixth. Webster then struck out left fielder Corey Brown, but Gary told him to hit the bricks. He was up to 95 pitches, anyway, which is pretty high for a Pawtucket starter. Organizationally.

Fortunately, Jose Contreras is on the PawSox. El Duque. In Pawtucket. You may remember him as the Yankees' Jose Contreras in '03 and '04, trying to kill Millar and Trot Nixon and Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez. Well, that was a hundred years ago and here we have him on our little team. You never know who will turn up!

Contreras came in for Webster, finished the inning, allowed no further runs. Chris Martin pitched the seventh and eighth and Anthony Carter, former White Sox boy, knocked out his three hitters in the ninth. Thank you, Anthony. Tony.

Ross Ohlendorf started for the New York Nationals, even though I said it would be Ryan Tatusko. I even found this great lunchtime conversation between Tatusko and Jason Benetti! Jason Benetti, YOUR TALENTS ARE WASTED IN SYRACUSE BY ALL MEANS COME TO PAWTUCKET.

Ohlendorf's rehabbing, and by all accounts having a decent season in Washington. Sweet, crazy baseball. Ohlendorf was on the PawSox, you know. In this game, he pitched three innings and gave up a home run to Jackie Bradley Jr. Seems legit. Could have been Bermudez or something. Bradley Jr was the first batter in the game and he hit a home run to right. 1-0 Pawtucket.

Cole Kimball was Ohlendorf's relief, but after he got Jonathan Diaz to lead off the fourth by striking out, he gave up singles to both Tony Thomas and Jeremy Hazelrapist. A fly out to right by Bermudez advanced Thomas, and a wild pitch advanced Hazelbaker. Kimball then walked JBJ and Xander Bogaerts hit an RBI single. Jeremy tried to make it home, but the Rahl/Watts relay was just too damn good. 2-1 Red Sox. KIMBALL!

Seventh inning, Xavier Cedeno was pitching and Jackie Bradley Jr scored on a wild pitch. Bradley Jr had a good game last night. He needed that.

two things:
1. "If you had asked me which player would be one of the brighest spots on the Nationals season, I probably would have listed a couple dozen players before I came to Ross Ohlendorf's name. None the less, the pitcher known as "Dorf" has filled many roles for the Nats this season, including long reliever and spot starter. He's posted an awesome 1.85 ERA and 2.89 FIP this season from the bullpen and in his spot starts, and he's amassed 0.6 WAR in just 10 games. Unfortunately for his Ohlendorf and his resurgent season, he's been placed on the 15-day disabled list with shoulder inflammation." - Joe Drugan, The Nats Blog.

2. Another Immaculate Inning sighting! Ohlendorf accomplished this in 2009.

3. Other Chiefs Radio Guy Kevin Brown talked to Ohlendorf in May. Not sure if any giant sandwiches were consumed.

4. Kimball Crossley. DUDE. I was just kidding around but all of a sudden everything ties together.

5. I used to get annoyed when sportswriters would constantly mention how players like Craig Breslow went to prestigious/Ivy schools. I get it now. I, too, find it incredible that there are some baseball players that aren't borderline special ed. HERE'S TO YOU, PRINCETON'S ROSS OHLENDORF. Thanks for the ten starts last year!

6. This game was 3 hours, 20 minutes long? With a 3-1 score? Hmmm. What does it mean? Deep counts?

TODAY. Keith Couch, Ryan Tatusko. Tatusko, good, I can post that link to his lunchtime conversation. JASON BENETTI FIRE OIL!!111

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