8.5.2013 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Buffalo Bisons - Alex Hassan Played First Base

Pawtucket pushes it out, 5-4. Ryan Rowland-Smith gets the win in relief. Rowland-Smith could have exercised his opt-out, but he really wanted to see that dandy exhibit at the museum.

Starter for the Red Sox was Allen Webster. Webster pitched five innings and gave up three runs, left the game in a 3-3 tie situation. Ricardo Nanita homerunned off him, all over the place. NANITA!

Chien-Ming Wang had a decent start for Buffalo. He went deep into the eighth inning, threw 102 pitches, gave up four runs. Could have gotten the win, but as soon as reliever John Stilson came in Dan Butler decided to hit a home run with what's-his-name on base. Poor Wang.

There was a little back-and-forth to all the run-scoring in this game. Pawtucket was up 2-0 after three innings, but then Buffalo picked up a pair of runs to tie it. The Red Sox picked up a run in the top of the fifth, Buffalo matched it in the bottom. The Bisons even pulled ahead in the seventh, when left fielder Mike McCoy hit a solo home run off Alex Wilson. But then Dan Butler did his thing and Pawtucket wound up winning. Everybody hurts... Sometimes.

Pedro Beato got the save. Pedro, I think I can help you get through your exams.

two things:
1. Alex Hassan leads all Pawtucket's active players in OBP and OPS and AVG. Dan Butler leads in slugging. PUT IT ALL TOGETHER AND WHAT HAVE YOU GOT? DING DONG!

2. If I were Hassan, I'd be frustrated with my stagnant career. Who knows, Boston may give him a shout. But it's never really a good sign when they have you learn a new position.

3. Wang did in fact start this season in the Yankees org. The lovely and delightful Donnie Collins wrote some stuff about it.

4. This happened a long time ago, but Bob Socci split the Bucket and is doing his football thing. Like I needed another reason to resent football's big... Foot. And so we have gadabout Jon Meterparel for the summer to hang out with Jeff.

5. I'll bet Jeff Levering gets mad ladies. He's very seductive. Those little pantsuits.

TONIGHT! In Buffalo! Keith Couch's big debut. It sure looks good on you. He'll be opposed by fan favorite Ricky Romero, whose record is 3-5, 5.57.

I feel really good.

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