Um, yeah, no shit David Pauley was on drugs.

Although I'm sure it came as a surprise to people who have never seen someone on drugs before.

A few years ago, I was watching a Red Sox post-game interview with the starting pitcher. (Have I talked about this before?) And the pitcher was very clearly tweaking from some kind of amphetemine use, twitching and licking his lips and so forth.

Sportswriters must notice this, yes? What are they going to say, really? It's super-taboo to even hint at crap like that. Oh my god.

Pauley's problem was obvious when he was on the PawSox and I'm pretty sure I hinted at it a few times. I first noticed it at a Pawtucket Hot Stove Party.

I find this subject endlessly fascinating. I guess it's only okay to point out drug use if you're a young, female celebrity.

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