8.16.13 Pawtucket v Louisville - Hamilton's IBB

Pawtucket wins again, 4-2, two games out of first in their division and in first place for the IL wild card! Do you even care about minor league playoffs? You don't, because I've never seen you there.

Anthony Ranaudo, thank you very much, pitched almost six innings and gave up a run. He didn't get the win, though - Ryan Rowland-Smith did, because he's been so god damn handy! He's working with everyone to stay in Pawtucket while he seeks work in the big leagues or something. Whatever, I think he's mad cute. HOW YOU DOIN, RR-S?

Greg Reynolds started for the L. Bats. I don't know who he is, either, so read this stuff here. Reynolds' reliever, Nick Christiani, blew the game and took the loss.

Hat tip to Luxury Brand First Baseman Drew Sutton for swinging a big bat in the eighth, driving home a pair of runs and breaking the tie.

That's all I have for tonight! Going to the game and such... I'll be gone for the weekend so see you Monday.

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