7.1.07 (Sunday) Red Sox v. Knights

Charlotte WINS! 14-2

Maybe the less said about this game the better? I knew strange things were afoot when I noticed Mike Burns warming in the pen. But the lineup sheet said Lester. But it was Burns. But he fell to pieces.

Mike Burns went five innings and gave up four runs. I would say he barely made it through five, since the counts were run up full on a lot of hitters. Edgar Martinez followed and gave up three runs, a couple under Breslow's watch. Craig Breslow gave up five runs, but most of that was not really his fault. I swear! Hertzler, who has been crummy since being called up to Pawtucket, gave up two more. Hertzler's ERA is 11.57.

Gavin Floyd started for Charlotte. Four relievers followed pitching an inning apiece. Wanna know who? Read about it here. Trust me, no one was interesting except Ehren Wassermann, who's got a weirdish name and whips the damn ball.

Jerry Owens had five RBI with a home run for Charlotte. Wiki Gonzalez was a pain in the ass as well, going four for five with a home run and three RBI. Obviously, everyone on the Knights had a good time, what with 14 runs.

Chad Spann committed three of the five Pawtucket errors. I can't even hate on him too much... he's the one who has to go home and explain to his wife and kids why Daddy let his team down again. Spann was also picked off and caught stealing and he struck out twice. Brandon Moss also made two errors. I know!

Michael Tucker walked three times. A few scattered singles, nothing much going on for 'tucket.

we were never being boring:
1. I have to commend a couple of the ushers at McCoy for tactfully preventing some perhaps illicit, illegal activity. I've seen a lot of shenanigans at ballparks and it really takes a lot, but I saw something that bugged me. I guess the ushers noticed, too, because they nipped it in the bud. Nice job!
2. Earl Snyder, back in Pawtucket. Got no love from the fans.
3. Judy Royal, Ehren Wassermann's mom, says: "It is great to see such kind words written about our son. We appreciate it and yes we track all mentions of him in newspapers and on the internet. He is a great son and has done very well and we are extremely proud of him. Thanks again." EW's dad says: "When we named Ehren the thought crossed my mind that he would have a pretty cool baseball name. You are the first to mention it. Thanks for the kind words. For an undrafted free agent signed out of a tryout camp he has done well, and we are proud. After 20 years it is just as much fun to watch him play as when he was 6 years old." I got this on a MVN website.
4. Fireworks tonight and tomorrow will make the ballpark unbearable, so I won't be attending either of the last two games of the homestand. SRO. I do not understand the allure of fireworks. Haven't we all seen this before? Flash flash, boom boom?
5. Joe McEwing was not in the lineup, but he was on the field playing first base coach. It was adorable.
6. Ellsbury! I recently mentioned someone telling me that Ellsbury would absolutely be called up. The guy was right. He fucking knew.
7. In case you need more reason to hate Craig Hansen: Craig Hansen used to park his sportscar in a non-parking spot, taking up a lot of room, parking so that no one could park in front of him or in back of him. I hate those people, don't you? I think finally someone asked him to park a little less pricklike. Maybe Rick.

See you tomorrow.


Baseball Diva said...

No love for Earl?!?! What the---?

His smattering of fans weren't at the park in Syracuse when I saw him play 6/26. Well, one semi-loud fan was there.

Gavin Floyd pitched a very good game for Charlotte that evening as welll.

Jere said...

That's right, you did say someone said andMyers would be up soon--but that Coco injury is the real reason.

Unless that person injured Coco. Prolly not tho.

Still, nice job.