7.24.07 Pawtucket Red Sox @ Toledo Mud Hens

When I got the music, I got a place to go! Pawtucket wins AGAIN! 3-2 thanks to big boy Brandon Moss.

RHP Mike "Peewee" Burns v. RHP Jordan Tata.

M. Burns pitched 6 2/3 innings: three hits, two runs, a walk and six strikeouts. How uncharacteristic it all seems. Burns led off the seventh by giving up a double to Hannahan, who got sac flied in by Brent Clevlen. Burns replaced by out-of-shape, inept loser Craig Hansen who escaped the inning without giving up any further runs. He then proceeded to pitch a scoreless eighth. It was crazy backwards day in Toledo!

Brian Corey handled the ninth inning with unparalelled panache and flair. Brian loves Toledo and its sweeping, glittering skyline.

Jordan Tata, who if his roster photo is any indication is exceptionally handsome, pitched for eight innings! Seven hits and two runs, struck out five. Much like the computer, Tata made an error. In the fifth inning, with Kottaras on second, Ed Rogers bunted and Tata made a horseshit throw over to first which resulted in GK scoring from second.

Righty Aquilino Lopez came in for the ninth with the game tied and couldn't hold the game. That makes me feel a little bad because I like Aquilino.

Brandon Moss was the Kid once more when he tripled in Michael Tucker in the ninth and that was that.

Toledo second baseman Henry Mateo homered off Burns in the first. It was his first of the season. I don't know why.

platos tipicos:
1. I can't believe I forgot to mention this: Chadd Spann was sent down to Portland like a month ago. Mostly Ed Rogers has been handling third base in his absence.
2. Trade time and players like Ellsbury and even McEwing have been mentioned. I only hope that Joe M. doesn't get moved before August 21st, which is my only chance to meet him.
3. I have been somewhat remiss in not mentioning Jon Lester's big league call-up. All of Pawtucket was rooting for the kid in his debut... they showed him on the big screen between innings at McCoy and all the players turned their heads to see.
4. The sociopath I work with asked me if I referred to Alvarez as "Babe Alvarez". I don't, but I might start now. Alvarez was moved to the pen when Buchholz got the call. I think this idea is stupid. I hate junkballing relievers, even if they are lefthanded.
5. Even though Ellsbury didn't join the team until May, he is tied for first with Rajai Davis in the IL for stolen bases. That is what he does, he steals bases. It's his schtick. Ellsbury is struggling with groin tightness right now and has been sitting out.
6. Mike Burns has done some substitute teaching in the past during the off-season. Damn, they'll give anyone a piece of chalk and a rickety desk these days.
7. I guess this past Sunday, the Mud Hens had to suspend their game with the Richmond Braves because someone called in a bomb threat. Are you kidding? WHO DOES THAT?? Way to ruin a pleasant day at the ballpark, Bomb Threat McGee.
8. Toledo's Timo Perez was elected AAA All-Star Game MVP. Congratulations, Timo!
9. Schilling's flying to Toledo from Cleveland Thursday to make a rehab start. The drive is like 90 minutes. You big-time prick.

Only three more Pawtucket homestands left. Sixteen games. Yes, I am short of breath. BYE.

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Anonymous said...

Jordan Tata's roster photo doesn't do him justice- he's much better looking in person. More importantly, he's a very nice young man.