Does anyone really like Aramark? I know I sure don't. I hate when I go to a ballpark and see their logo. Gross!

My good friend KP, who is vegan, recently wrote a letter to John Henry pointing out that while Pawtucket and many other minor league ballparks offer vedge-friendly menu items, she was stuck eating french fries or fried dough or peanuts at Fenway. And whaddup widdat? She got a response from I guess his secretary which I may have to put up here. It was sort of a brush-off.

At McCoy, you can get portabella burgers and dogs, salads and veggie platters and smoothies. At Dodd last night, they had churros and veggie burgers (corny and carroty!) and cajun fries and nonstandard $3 slices. At Fenway...nasty fries and stale nachos (Tostitos and cheez gunk). Are you kidding?

In 2004, Larry Lucchino did a little Q&A during the XMAS at Fenway shindig. Well, technically it was '03, but Schilling was there and whatnot. And what got the most airtime was the food sitch at Fenway. The general consensus was that Aramark flat sucked. To his credit, LL thoughtfully took audience suggestions, but whatever. I'm sure a concession change is not in the cards.

I know, I know that to expect decent ballpark food is like expecting the Blessed Virgin to appear in my coffee grounds. I don't HAVE to eat at the park, now do I? Yes, I am being a little whiny. A lot whiny. But just think about this: vegetarians are not some freakish minority. Fuck Aramark.


Jere said...

They did have a huge article about all the new foodstuffs* at Fenway this past offseason. I was waiting for the part where they had all these vegetarian options, but it never came. As a vgtrn who's not vgn, I can get a pizza slice and a water at Fenway, and I can consider it dinner. But for vegans, yeah, it's fried dough or fries. May I suggest bringing a baggie full of tomato sauce and your choice of toppings, to put on the fried dough?

*I don't know what this word means. But it should mean "types of food," and that's how I've used it here.

Kim said...

I think it's pretty lame that Fenway can't bring themselves to add either veggie burgers or veggie dogs to their offerings. Is it really that difficult? What gives?