7.2.07 PRed Sox v. Louisville Bats - "You can do it, Votto! You can do it, Votto!"

Pawtucket WINS! 3-2 in ten damp innings.

Sometimes I forget about David Pauley. It's okay, I think. Nothing really stands out about him. But I get a little excited when he pitches because he really does a good job. And then I go to sleep and dream about parasitic worms and broken glass.

Pauley did a tremendous job, going 7 2/3 with six hits, two runs, and seven Ks. He also balked once in the sixth. DP had a few problems in the eighth when Anderson Machado bunted his way on and moved what's-his-face - Ryan Hannigan - over to third. RJ walked out for a Pauley/Kottaras/manager/curious infielder conference but left Pauley in. Bats shortstop Paul Janish grounded into a double play, which brough Hannigan home. Then California man Chris Dickerson singled and Pauley's night was over.

Travis Hughes who is psychotic finished off the eighth and then went on to pitch the ninth and tenth. No further runs scored. Hughes works pretty fast and does not take kindly to being squeezed.

Five guys pitched for Louisville. Let's start with the starter (a very good place to start.) Victor Santos! Santos only pitched 3 1/3 innings after giving up two Pawtucket runs. Lefty Jason Kershner made another appearance, finished off the fourth, tackled the fifth, and got the first two Red Sox outs in the sixth. Here comes Geoff Blum! Gary Majewski then pitched for a while. Then lefty weirdo Bill Bray and then AAA gadabout Brian Shackelford, who blew it in the tenth.

Joe McEwing might be one of my favorite baseball players of all time. Do you know who he is? He is Bill Mueller. He totally is. McQ homered straightaway in the first inning. Blammo! Michael Tucker Motherfucker got on base four times. Ed Rogers was three for four but got caught stealing twice. Both times it was rather deflating. George Kottaras' struggles are as eternal as Bruce Hornsby's 'Mandolin Rain'. He struck out three times and grounded into a double play. Bobby Scales had similar stats tonight but I forgive Scales because he's so much cooler.

I'd have to say, though, that the real Pawtucket hero was angelic outfielder Brandon Moss. Moss, who is second in the IL in doubles, batted in the winning run in the tenth. And they were so happy.

The Bats spent the first seven innings mostly grounding out or striking out. Did I mention the first four innings were hitless? Third baseman Aaron "The Principle" Herr doubled to bust up the fun in the fifth. He's lucky he's handsome. Centerfielder Jay Bruce tripled in the ninth, but T. Hughes did not allow him to score. YEAH.

Two things, dirtbag!
1. You know who loves Mark Bellhorn? The ladies. I am not kidding. I saw many a lady arranging herself with MB in the shot while her pal took the photo. Then switch.
2. Roosevelt Colvin was in the house with his charity crusade and he threw out the first pitch and then signed autographs. I don't know much about football, but Colvin seems like a really nice guy. He gave me directions to Rocky Point.
3. Jeff Bailey got the intentional walk in the eighth to get to Kottaras. That hardly seems fair.
4. Alex Prieto... I don't know. He's sort of squishy for a shortstop but not sluggery enough for first base. He's a misfit toy.
5. Mark Bellhorn is probably all done.
6. Last year, I almost always rode the third base line. This year, first base. I don't know what I ever saw in the other side of the park. The view's better all around, plus it's cool to be above the visitors' dugout.

Pawtucket's heading off to Ohio as we speak for some Mud Hens action. They'll be back August 1 to get trampled by the Bisons (with Lou Merloni feat. Felly). I'm going to go to sleep soon.


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