7.26.07 Pawtucket @ Toledo (DET) - Yesterday was July 26th!

Toledo WINS! 3-2 in ten.

RHP and world's biggest albino Curt Schilling v. RHP Dennis Tankersley

Schilling pitched five innings, giving up no runs and striking out eight batters. Attaboy! Craig Breslow pitched the next two innings and blew the save when he gave up two runs. See, a lot of people are clamoring for Breslow to come up to Boston, but I don't get why. He's been good, don't get me wrong. But not clamor-good.

Travis Hughes was uncharacteristically shaky and gave up the game-winning hit to CF Brent Clevlen. Yay, Tiger walk-off!

Tankersley pitched 7 2/3, giving up seven hits and one run. ONE RUN! He walked two and struck out three. Aquilino Lopez finished the eighth and pitched the ninth, giving up Pawtucket's tying run. Jeremy Johnson pitched the tenth and got the W, or the 'dub', as your mom calls it.

McEwing and Kottaras doubled. Jeff Bailey homered. Both Moss and Murphy were caught stealing, so that was a good job by Tank and Dane Sardinha. Murphy and Bailey were both 3-4.

Major pain-in-the-ass Andres Torres tripled off Breslow. I guess that's okay since he also struck out three times.

limit the sun, not the fun:
1. Ten thousand Toledo fans came out to see Curt Schilling pitch.

That's all for tonight. No photos. I'm going to bed.

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