Disappointed a Few People: Connecticut Hosts EL All-Star Game

Nobody WINS! when the East v. South game is called. In other news, Charlie Zink is an all-star!

Upon arriving at Dodd Stadium, I was immediately struck by the masses of white-uniformed sailors. Sailors everywhere, and babies all of 'em. Free t-shirt on the way in, courtesy of a sponsor. And hardcore baseball geeks everywhere. Like, worse than me.

Okay, Dodd Stadium is in an industrial park. Has a nice open concourse but not too much going for it. I say this all the time. Ample, free parking though.

As far as the on-the-field autograph thing, it didn't work very well. They just set up huge tables and lined everyone up so each person could go along from player to player and get the autographs. This was a very slow process as you can imagine and I don't think half the people standing in line got down to the field. I stood in line for about 45 minutes and then realized, hey, I am never going to make it. Not a big deal. But Pawtucket does it much better. They put players in pairs at separate tables so the fans can just line up for a specific player. Maybe you can't get everyone's autograph, but you can prioritize and get the ones you really want.

Following that, the alarms went off due to a ballpark emergency. A message was repeatedly broadcast to exit in an orderly fashion. And... everyone pretty much ignored it. False alarm. Let's get cracking with the home run derby. Sergio Santos won. Dodd has high outfield walls so it's hard to crank anything out. Santos hit only five to beat everyone else.

By this time, it was insanely foggy. The game started and it was pretty obvious that it wasn't going to work. Outfielders couldn't see pop-ups and kept losing the balls. Several fly-outs became triples. The pitchers couldn't see the catchers' signs. Game called third inning. Good night.

So that sums up my experience. I was home by ten.

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