when the Chad Spann's testifyin'

I don't like Chad Spann. I think I've made that pretty clear. I haven't liked him since I saw him making errors in spring training. I don't think he is what you'd call a talented baseball player.

That being said, there is a difference between not liking someone's performance and not liking a player as a person. Do I REALLY hate Chad Spann? No, I've never met him. I'm sure he's pretty nice. How can I hate someone I've never met?

So, anyway, like many other minor league ballparks, McCoy is considered 'family friendly', whatever that means. But like many other minor league ballparks, there are a few unsavory characters that frequent the stadium. I know a couple of them. I'm talking about the autograph wheeler-dealers and their binders and cards and balls. And today I found out that one of the worst of the bunch told a guy on the Knights that Chadd Spann was a seriously crappy fielder. The player said, "Thanks for the tip" (exact quote) and gave the guy a bunch of baseball stuff... cards, I think. This all went down before Spann's error-ific game on Sunday.

This could truly all be coincidence, the players hitting balls in Spann's direction. And I'm sure the Charlotte Knights knew that he was a weak infielder. But that's a really shabby thing to do to a team, especially when so many of the PawSox have given this guy countless autographs and stuff over the years. (The guy's a longtime season ticket holder.) And as much as I hate Spann, I wouldn't sell him out for a few crummy baseball cards.



Jere said...

My main problem with those guys is how they make the rest of us kids who want autographs just because we like the players (and who happen to be 30-year old kids with beards and stuff) look like them, therefore making players avoid us, thinking we're those Sharpie guys. It's not fair.

My system of secondary problems with them include: They're big jerks; they like money more than love; etc.

Jere said...

Oh, and nice job on the Lisa! Or Carole King, but I think you meant Lisa. But I could be wrong, and I like that about yourself.

Jenks said...

A lot of the time they'll get kids to go get the autographs by giving them their most cheesy, worthless cards as a bribe.

Also they will say, "Hey, I'll give you THREE baseball cards for your one crummy card" to unsuspecting little collectors.

And yes, it is not at all fair to normal people who really just like the players.

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