mike lowell is never going to call me

Not bad. Took me .5 hrs to get bleacher seats for Rhode Island day. And the Angels to boot! All Vlad, all day! I had such a good time at Rhode Island Day a couple of years ago. Papelbon's first start, Manny passes trading deadline and gets a game-winning single when he pinch hits. I'm going to tattoo an anchor on my arm... it'll say "HOPE" below. Like the flag.

By the way, I love how they tack on four dollars per ticket for "convenience" charges, then add seven MORE dollars for "delivery fees". Yeah, seven dollars ought to cover the cost of the envelope and the stamp used to mail four small pieces of cardboard. So that's 23 dollars. Pretty much the cost of one more ticket. Fucking typical.

You never have more friends than you do when you have Red Sox tickets.


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