7.30.07 Mike Lowell Spinners v. Brooklyn Cyclones - Mike Lowell Night

Brooklyn WINS! 7-2

I kind of accidentally and luckily and happily and whimsically attended this game in Lowell. I thought I'd give it a shot. I didn't even have directions to the park, I just hopped on the Lowell Connector (my first time on that most legendary of byways) and winged it. I didn't even remember the name of the park, just that it was weird. It was a windy route but signs pointed the way and unless you are hopeless you can get to it.

There was quite a car jam at the entrance so I parked on a side street and walked over to the park. There was a huge line of people! WHAT! And I knew how "impossible" it was to get tickets but I lined up at the window anyway. That's when a woman tapped me and said, "Here you go" and handed me a ticket. I KNOW!

So I went and lined up, not realizing that the line was for the promo giveaway. A chap with a polo shirt announced that anyone who didn't care about the giveaway could just enter the park at the other entrance. I didn't care and so I headed for left field, walking past some of the players who I guess like to sit on the sidewalk from time to time. I don't know.

I asked the dude at the other entrance what the gift hubbub was all about and he told me it was a Mike Lowell bobblehead. Oh, it had to be Mike Lowell. I then proceeded to do a very bad thing: I went down to the other entrance and came up behind the staff who were handing the things out and asked for one. And got it. Without waiting in that long-ass line. I still feel bad about that but it was Mike Lowell. All bets are off.

So as it turns out my seat is great, right above the dugout, and I sat with the woman who gave me the seat. Her name was Diana and she was a wealthyish season ticket holder with a little kid who befriended all the players. She knew a lot of the guys on the team and at times would have them over for dinner and such. She was a little... not dumb, but not smart. She talked my ear off. Diana told me that the games are never really sold out - you just have to buy a standing room ticket but there are always empty seats.

She also told me that her five-year-old son made his bed every morning. Man, that creeps me out, a little tyke smoothing his sheets down and fluffing his pillows and making hospital corners.

Finally, Diana's advice to me: Become independently wealthy and marry someone with a job good enough to ensure that you don't have to work ever again.

About the game: Good game. The Cyclones have great uniforms. Their players also have weird names like Eigsti and Vogl and Kawal and Waechter.


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