hope your special day is special

Baseball players like to use the word 'special' when describing their teammates. Sometimes I think their brains are all linked to the same mainframe.

Oh, wait, I have a point. My Moms called me at work today and told me we'd been invited to a PawSox luncheon with the manager. I don't know what they're calling it. It's for season ticket holders and it happens to fall on MY special day!

"But, Mom," I says, "You're not a season ticket holder!" Nonetheless, she got invited and so in a Saturday or two I'll be seated at the right hand of the Lord. The Lord being RJ. The right hand being the general area of the ancillary seating to the right of the press podium by the staff entrance. YES.

I hope there's a Q&A because I have a few things I'd like to get off my chest.

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Kim said...

"Boy isn't he special?" is part of my Francona routine. Except I really emphasize the word "special." Kinda like, "spay SHULL." You gotta add a little bit of a heavy exhale when you say the SHULL part.