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It would have been nice to see a few more feet of film devoted to other All-Star players last night and much less spent on ARod. ARod standing on third. ARod running back into the dugout. ARod smiling at all his little infielder friends. Disgusting.

I was kind of rooting for the NL last night so it was cool they almost came back. Almost. But it's hard rooting against Papelbon and K-Rod and Santana. I was watching the game at my brother's house in Mass and I pointed out Santana's huge Frankenstein shoulders. He is not fully convinced that it is not padding.

I missed the home run derby but I heard that when Guerrero won they essentially just handed him the trophy and said good night. End transmission. What, he can't speak English? Let him speak Spanish! Why are you depriving the audience company with one of the most beloved players in MLB?

Anyway, there were a lot of cool people on both teams this year, aside from the Yankee dreck. I did not know that Griffey has 30 home runs so far. Astounding!

The Eastern League All-Star game is today, finally. I'm off to the wilds of Norwich, Connecticut. I have tried to explain to people exactly where that is, but I don't think I even really know. It's not anywhere good.

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Jere said...

On the contrary, I found this post full of substance, not filler at all.

Vlad was interviewed by a Spanish-speaking man who told the English-speaking audience what he was going to ask, then asked him in Spanish, then... well, you know how it works. They did this, I think, after the second round. Maybe that's why they didn't do another interview at the end. (Or maybe it was because they stupidly scheduled part one of their most anticipated mini-series they've ever done for after a LIVE event! It went an hour and five minutes over, so at that point, they probably just said screw it. (Although they did do at least five minutes of post-derby, I think.)

Anyway, I was mortified because the Spanish guy came right out and said "I see he's not wearing batting gloves, so I'm going to ask him about that!" cringe! I thought, what's his second question? "What's that curious red A logo on your sleeve, Mr. Geronimo?"