Yankees v. Devil Rays de Tampa Bay - The Asshole Club

Th. yankees win 7-2.

Kei Igawa v. Jason Hammel. I forgot how much I liked the Devil Rays. I haven't seen them in forever. I would love Crawford in the Boston outfield. How much? Yes. But CC sprained his damned ankle midway through the game and I don't know what's going to come of that.

I don't think today's game was as palatable as last time. I remember last year's fans as quieter, more gentle. Not the loud, shrill idiots of today. But it was a great day weatherwise and god, I could have been working. So shut up, me.

It is not easy to attend a Yankees game in their stadium. I feel assaulted by propaganda (The History! The Majesty! Jeter! Mantle! The Glory!) even before the game begins, what with the little movie where players past and present talk about what an honor and privilege it is to put pinstripes on. YUCK!

Do you know how much it is for french fries? FIVE DOLLARS! A bag of peanuts? FIVE DOLLARS! One slice of pizza? FOUR SEVENTY-FIVE! A hot dog? FIVE DOLLARS! I have to stop being outraged at ballpark prices. I swear.

Shelley Duncan got his first major league home run for New York. Whatever. Bossman Junior homered for Tampa Bay and it was great. And Delmon Young, all is forgiven. I'm sorry you guys didn't win. I really wanted it for you.

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