8.16.08 Pawtucket @ Buffalo - Thanks for showing up!

Pawtucket loses 1-0. Against Halama. Mike Bowden's heavenly start was spoilt by the selfish non-hitting of everybody except Natale and Thurston. Stupid. The Yankees won, too.

Kyle Snyder is back... yeah, because everyone was clamoring for him. Two innings, two hits, two punchies.

Tony Granadillo was called up, which I said was going to happen back in April. Sort of.

Josh Wilson may put me in a coma, but I like him a little because his at-bat song is Van Halen. Pre-Hagar. And it is not "Runnin' with the Devil". You will not guess which song it is.

Hmm, what else? Oh. Remember how I went to Buffalo? And Mike Lowell was there? That was awesome. Please enjoy a random Lowell shot, before I found out he wasn't cool:

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