8.19.08 Hot-tucket v. Syracuties!

Pawtucket loses uncomfortably, 4-2.

Pawtucket starter Charlie Zink pitched well. Seven innings! Two runs! Seven strikeouts! Reliever Chris T. Smith and Marcus MacBeth each gave up a run, which ruined Christmas.

Pawtucket offense was near zilch. A few scattered singles, a Corsaletti double, and a home run that was fucking CRANKED OUT by Kottaras. OH YOU KID.

Syracuse hit two solo home runs off Zink, one by Hector Luna and one by Danny Sandoval.

At least the Yankees lost.

doug davis:
1. I got to the park in the fifth inning... just kind of floated in without a ticket and hung out over by the bullpen. It's pretty easy to get into the visitors' bullpen. Less so for the home pen, but I did see a way in. I'll have to sneak in during the off-season.
2. It was Van Every's first game back and he left after one inning.
3. Wait, Jason Lane? When did this happen? Okay... welcome to the Ocean State, Jason! Enjoy your two-week vacation! Have a Del's and chill out, why dontcha?
5. Did you know that Travis Snider started the year in single-A? And that he is only twenty years old?

Please let's get Chris Carter back and Lowrie and Bailey. Josh Wilson is no kind of leadoff batter. SOS!!!

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