8.3.08 Yankees defeat Red Sox

5-2 S/WB. DAMN IT.

Zink only went five innings. Opposing pitcher Ian Kennedy went seven deep and gave up the PawSox runs.

David Aardsma contributed a scoreless sixth inning. So all you Aardsma fans really missed out if you didn't head to McCoy. There must have been a sea of Aardsma jerseys and t-shirts. I'm sure it was SRO!

Lincoln Holdzkom gave up two runs in the ninth, only one earned. He walked a guy as well. And hit Chris Basak with a pitch. 22 pitches to get out of the inning. What goes through the fielders' minds when he's up there? "Oh, Christ, here we go."

New kid Josh Wilson played short, batted seventh, and got an RBI. Gil Velazquez hit a home run. Joe Thurston had two hits, but he was also picked off, caught stealing, and he made an error.

I did an image search on Josh Wilson and came across a site called RainbowPuke.com. It seems to be a collection of pictures of a) rainbows puking and b) people puking rainbows. It's awfully good.

David Pauley, you'd better get these turkeys tomorrow.

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