Nomar's grandmother loves him.

I used to think baseball players were these awesome, cool guys who were livin' la vida loca and truly just excited to be playing baseball for a living.

Then I started to realize, hey, they're just regular guys! Like you! And me!

And then I realized that they were awful. A bunch of generic asshole jock meatheads. No wonder sportswriters hate them. Even the guys that are nice to your face... it's all an act. You think it's just superstars like, say, Brandon Inge or something that act like assholes? WRONG. Even low-minors guys like LARS ANDERSON are capable of schmuckdom.

Even worse are some of the guys in the minors who really are just roster filler... and they're just too hot shit for all of you bitches.

But lately I am trying to remember that there are a few normal guys around. And that they are someone's beloved son or husband or grandchild or brother. Who may internet search their precious baby and read vicious, unsubstantiated blogs and get upset.

I think the point I'm trying to make is... should I give out an 'Asshole of the Year' award to a PawSox player? I definitely have someone in mind!

K SWB!!!!!

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