8.20.08 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Syracuse Chiefs - The Wood and the Moon.

Pawtucket WINS! 8-5. Such a great game.

David Pauley sucked the park in with his what? You should have seen his first four innings, because they were scoreless and perfect and people started holding their breffs. Syracuse was pretty considerate, being eager and aggressive and not taking a lot of pitches I guess.

The fifth inning ruined all our blue collar hopes and dreams (coughnohittercough), as Russ Adams led off the inning with a double. Good talk, Russ. Classic IL infielder Hector Luna followed that with a single and big studboy Travis Snider (not a girl, like the little kid in front of me thought he was) hit an RBI double. Robinzon Diaz flew out to right, Curtis Thigpen sac flied Luna home. So it was 2-1 Chiefs.

Okay, so wanna hear about the eventful bottom of the fifth? I know you do! Chris George is still pitching after taking over for Brian Wolfe in the fourth.

The first batter is Joe Thurston, who is a man of Unstoppable Power. Thurston had walked his two previous at-bats. Could he get on base again? YES. Thurston singled. Stole second base. Then fresh fish Jason Lane, batting third and playing right, flew out to center... Thurston tags, goes to third. Kottaras K's...but catcher du noir Dusty P. Brown gets on base via a walk.

Excessive righty first baseman Sandy Madera was the next batter and he singled, scoring Thurston from third. Then Keith Ginter walked to load the bases. Jeff Corsaletti, generally ineffective batter, hopped into the box. With two outs, I had a sinking feeling he'd blow it. Chris George threw a wild pitch which scored Brownie from third. Runners advance.

And then the most shocking thing happened... Corsaletti homered! Are you kidding? THAT guy? 6-2 Pawtucket! RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH '08!

Pauley cruised through the sixth inning, but in the seventh Russ Adams once again led off with a hit. Hector Luna completed the flip-flop with a double. Pauley got the dangerous Travis Snider out, but gave up a two-run double to catcher Brian Jeroloman. Have a good night, Dave. Daisy-fresh Kyle Snyder pranced over to the mound and struck out Thigpen and Lopez to end the inning. 8-4 Pawtucket.

Kyle S. kept on pitching, tackling the eighth inning and getting two outs in the ninth. Snyder gave up an RBI single to Jeroloman. Hunter Jones lumbered in to punch out Wayne Lydon for the last out.

These guys pitched for Syracuse: Brian Wolfe, Chris George, Sean Stidfole, Mike Gosling, Jeremy Accardo, and Jonah Bayliss. I'm not going to break it down further than that.

Cold-germy high fives to Brownie and Sandy, who both got on base four times. SANDY!!!!

Josh Wilson went 0-5 with two K's.

notes from the sawhorses:
1. Jeff Corsaletti big-timed the kids looking for autographs. Does not surprise me.
2. Chris Carter is noticeably limping. So he is coming back soon? In that condition? Playing baseball sure is hard!
3. Bartolo Colon, who went on the DL after he crashed his car, said he hit a deer. Is that right, sir? It is not unheard of around here for deer to dash across the highway, but... it is also not unheard of for baseball players to tank up at a strip club and plow into a guardrail. So okay, Colon hit a deer. Probably.
4. Gil Velazquez DNP. Velazquez is probably my Favourite.
5. Danny Sandoval and Curtis Thigpen were ejected in the sixth inning after having a problem with a call. Thurston was caught hovering between first and second and the Chiefs screwed it all up... Joe returned to first safely... or did he?
6. Yankees lost! Red Sox 1.5 games behind! It's like Daphne's Madhouse!
7. I realize that no one has said 'Respect my authoritah' since about 1999, but as always, I am profoundly tardy.

I'll be back at the park tonight, doing what I do. Five home games left. I'm cool, I swear.

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