The Connecticut Defenders called my house.

Beau Vaughn has been called up to Pawtucket after living in Maine for five or six years. About time?

Last night I dreamed about Chris Smith. I was at a ballpark and he was showing me his collection of minor league jerseys. He told me I could choose one for myself, but I opted not to. Sometimes people give things away recklessly and later regret it. I've done it myself. I had a feeling Smith would be better of retaining his complete collection.

I once gave away a cardboard-box record to a false reverend. It was a series of advertising jingles for a Roll-a-Matic razor. I played it on my record player a few times... crackly and staticky but fascinating.

On my answering machine this morning, I played a message from two gents talking to each other about upcoming events at Dodd Stadium. "Hey, Brian, what's coming up this weekend?" "It's Thirsty Thursday with a free Pint Glass Giveaway!"

I'm sorry I missed all that.

Thanks to everyone for a great birthday. I love all of you.

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