8.27.08 - Pawtucket kicks a man when he's down.

14-4 Pawtucket. Lehigh Valley can't get up off the mat.

We're all going to the game tomorrow night. You should go. It's the last homestand before the playoffs.

I may never see Jeff Bailey again. I heard one of the radio guys do a Bailey impression and it was so funny. Uhhhhmmm... he won the league MVP. So he's above average today.

“I need to find out a little more about that I guess. Maybe I get a free gift certificate for that or something,” Bailey said of winning the MVP award.

Charlie Zink won the IL's Most Valuable Pitcher award. He gets a FREE gift certificate to Auto Zone!

In a related story, new awesome relief pitcher Marcus MacBeth is some kind of piano player/vocalist? That's what they tell me.

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Anonymous said...

wow auto zone
i guess that could be useful
if a headlight goes out
maybe some antifreeze
or car air fresheners
lucky guy
he was awsome the other night
first out of the dugout
thanking the fielders for their hardwork
what a swell guy
i have his hat