Zechry Zinacola or something.

Trivia question the other night: Who was the last Red Sox player whose last name started with 'Z'?

I had a guess that I was pretty sure was right: Julio Zuleta. But no. They said it was former PawSox great Bob Zupcic. WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! Who can I call about this?

Sure, Zuleta only played in spring training. But that counts, si? Screw those guys.

In a related story, when I saw Zink the day after his Boston start, he was in surprisingly good spirits. He said he had a great time in Boston. He also asked me if I was giving his hat back to him.

No. I am not giving your hat back to you. It's a gift. Damn Rastafarians!

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