7.3.12 Come back, Red Wings! Come back!

Rochester wins, 5-3, and Pawtucket LOSES in front of 36,000 fans! On fireworks day! The win goes to Bobby Lanigan, reliever, and the loss to our friend Brandon Duckworth.

Duckworth, god, bless his heart, pitched six scoreless innings before entering into the fateful seventh. You could cry. Duckworth got two outs, and then gave up back-to-back home runs. And then two doubles. Reliever Will Latimer stepped in and walked second baseman Tsuyoshi Nishioka, then gave up a double to SS Pedro Florimon. After all that scorelessness, the deluge. I'm crying right now, CRYING! Rochester scored five runs in the seventh, and it was all they needed.

Starter for the Red Wings was Steven Hirschfeld, not 'Hirschfield' as I stated yesterday. But please know that I lifted the spelling DIRECTLY FROM A SPORTS BLOGGER, which I swear I will never do again. SPELL BETTER, PEOPLE!!! Hirschfeld kept Lavarnway & the Gang down, down, down until the bottom of the fifth. He hit Jason Repko with a pitch and then JC Linares doubled him in. Hirschfeld proceeded to strike out the next two batters, but then Scott Podsednik singled and scored Linares. 2-0. It was a happier time, the fifth inning.

Pawtucket scored their third run in the sixth inning, when Pedro Ciriaco led off with a double. See how everything looked promising? A single and a sac fly later, Ciriaco was back in the dugout high fiving everybody except Ryan Lavarnway, because they hate each other. Okay, not really, Lavarnway was on base. He made it over to third but then Lanigan, the reliever who says shit like "I've decided to button top button on all golf shirts I wear after @bubbawatson and the coach Tom Coughlin.", got the final out.

Garrett Mock pitched the ninth inning with little incident. JC Linares singled off reliever Luis Perdomo in the ninth, but there were two outs already and Jose Iglesias was the last chance, so you can imagine how that went.

Brandon Duckworth, I am so sorry. 105 pitches for what?

more stars than there are in heaven:
1. After slumping for the last 5,000 games, JC Linares went 3-4.

2. “Everything kind of snowballed,” Duckworth said. “I got (Rivera) 2-2 and just made a bad pitch, a mistake there. It just seemed to fall apart there. It’s tough because I knew I threw the ball well.” - MacPherson

3. Hirschfeld is a recent call-up from New Britain.

4. Rochester reliever Luis Perdomo has a beard.

5. Boston stuck its fat hand in the Rhode Island cookie jar and crammed Mauro Gomez into its mouth. Assholes. Also, they're likely taking Justin Germano. I heard they're putting him in the bullpen, which I think is a terrible idea. God, do you want him to fail?

TONIGHT. Everyone goes to Rochester for some Doug Mathis on Luke French action. Awwwwwwwww yeeeaaaaahhhh!!!

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