7.7.12 Pawtucket Red Sox v Syracuse Chiefs - Is the water warm enough?

Pawtucket wins something at last, defeating the Syracuties 3-2 while dodging Tanner Roark's inside pitches with mixed success. Reliever Mark Prior gets the win for the Red Sox.

Let's talk to it!

New boy Zach Stewart started for Pawtucket and pitched 6 2/3 innings. Both Syracuse runs were charged to Stewart, thanks. Stewart gave up seven hits and a pair of walks, so it could have been worse for some of the lesser pitchers in Pawtucket, but Stewart's been decent so far. And I'm in love with him.

Tanner Roark was The Man for Syracuse. I'll bet he knows all the best bars in East Syracuse! Roark wound up taking the loss like a spoonful of castor oil, pitching six innings and letting the PawSox score three runs. Damn it, Roark, your relievers didn't give up any runs! Look alive out there!

Lately, these Pawtucket games feature minimal or zero scoring until the later innings. And that was also the case in this foray: The Chiefs were the first team to score, and that was in the seventh inning. The World's Cutest Shortstop, Carlos Rivero, singled with one out. The much less attractive Koyie Hill singled after that, putting runners at the corners for second baseman Manny Mayorson (who?). Mayorson hit a soft line drive to center, scoring Carlos. Zach Stewart got CF Corey Brown to pop up, then walked off the mound in favor of Mark Prior.

Prior threw a wild pitch, then walked third base guy Jarrett Hoffpauir, who says shit like "our question. How long does it take u to fix ur hair between innings?how much leave in conditioner do use? ". Bases loaded, oh no. JIM NEGRYCH OH NO. Prior walked Negrych, walked in a run. I always thought that was one of the most embarrassing things a pitcher can do, walking in a run. Prior got the next guy out, some jock of little import in a Chiefs uniform. 2-0, get to work Pawtucket!

Bottom of the seventh, Andy LaRoche leading off. Andy LaRoche probably cannot name ONE SONG BY PRINCE!!! LaRoche singled, Alex Hassan walked, JC Linares singled. Bases loaded, no outs. That was quick. Nate Spears, who is in a heinous slump, reached on a force attempt, error charged to Carlos. Awwww. LaRoche and Hassan scored! And, hey, look, it's Ronald Bermudez! Roark was so happy to see Bermudez that he hit him with a pitch. Was all of that enough to get replaced by Hassan Pena? Evidently. Pena entered, got one out, but allowed an RBI single by Jose Iglesias. 3-2 Pawtucket.

Will Inman pitched the last two innings and got the save. I like you, Inman.

there must be something wrong with the machinery:
1. Jacoby Ellsbury participated in this game, if you care about Jacoby Ellsbury. He made zero contributions in this game. Oh, wait, he caught three fly balls. Thanks, Kid, we'll call you.

2. The Chiefs racked up four doubles, which is cute and everything, but a lot of good it did them. Iglesias went 2-4. None of the PawSox hit a double, or any manner of an extra base hit.

3. Neil Holland pitched the eighth inning for Pawtucket. I DIDN'T FORGET YOU, NEIL!

4. "The loss was the first time this season that Syracuse has lost with Jim Negrych hitting as the DH (10-1). Negrych was 0-for-2, but had a pair of walks including one for an RBI in the seventh." Thank you, Ben Meyers.

5. "Seeing pitching on an everyday basis and not being overwhelmed day in and day out all helps," Negrych said. "There was time, when I first got here, that I was trying too hard to show these guys that I belong here. Over time everyone gets comfortable. Everyone needs to be comfortable in their own skin." - good stuff on Negrych from Federal Baseball.

6. "Prior recovered to end the threat with no further damage as he fanned 1B Chris Marrero, whose brother, Deven, is a new member of the Red Sox system after being selected in the first round of the Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft this June." - Joshua Kummins, who I suppose is the new Kevin Pereira.

7. "The Sports 'Burger is a website celebrating and discussing the sports teams and individuals in and around the Central Pennsylvania area." - I found a new blog! One that won't blow away!

8. From Tim Rohan:
“Pedro, Pedro, Pedro!,” the Fenway crowd chanted later that night, when Ciriaco, a 26-year-old, stick-thin, middle infielder, reached second on a double, stole third then ran home when Russell Martin’s throw went wild in the seventh, giving Boston a 9-4 lead on the way to a 9-5 win that ended a five-game losing streak. His 0-for-4 Red Sox debut that afternoon had already been forgotten, when his sixth-inning, bases-clearing double had given Boston a 5-3 lead. Now he had truly won over the fans, at least for a night."

Awww... How pleasing!

Okay, I'll end on that note. I love you, Pedro Ciriaco. I have a ball signed by him that I scored in Syracuse. Probably the only autograph I've gotten in the past three years, so I'm so glad it was him! By the way, THEY CLOSE THE GOD DAMN GIFT SHOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME IN SYRACUSE!!! Am I wrong or is that totally weird?! Like, don't they want fans to buy crap after the game? HEY, SYRACUSE: NOBODY DIGS YOUR MUSIC BUT YOURSELF!

TODAY! Pawtucket will face enormous blonde Cuban Yunesky Maya. Someone gross and perhaps deceased will pitch for the Red Sox. I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN YOUR BITCHY COMMENT, GUY. Like father, like son.


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