Bowling with the PawSox

This past May I went bowling with the PawSox to strike out cancer. That was nice. My assigned player was very nice, cordial, and appeared to be pretty stoned. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The worst thing about the bowling is that the alley has a one-drink-at-a-time thing. And there was only ONE G.D. BARTENDER!!! And there's a bar and there's also a window from which you can order drinks. So the sole bartender had to run the bar and the drink window. For like, an entire baseball team plus some season ticket holders and staff members and interns and whoever else may have been bowling that night. AND IT TAKES AN ETERNITY TO GET YOUR ONE LITTLE DRINK.

And while you're waiting for your ONE DRINK (No pitchers after five p.m.!), everyone else on your team is waiting for you so you can hurry up and fucking throw your ball down the lane. The whole thing sucks and if I go next year I am bringing a two-liter bottle of ginger ale mixed with whiskey. Period.

I know what you're thinking: Do you really need to drink that badly? Well, let me tell you, why don't you try doing PawSox bowling alcohol-free? I hope you have to bowl with one of the mascots!

Please enjoy a series of photos I have taken over the years. Many I have posted before, but some are ***EXCLUSIVE*** from my private vaults.

Except the Alice Cooper girls. Isn't that the greatest picture? I just had to have it.

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