5.12.07 Pawtucket vs. Toledo Mud Hens - Second Verse Same As the First

Toledo WINS! 4-3 in this televised matchup.

They played this game on NESN, and thanks, but no thanks. It was a really half-assed production probably assembled by NESN's B-Team. I could have done better with a camcorder and a karaoke microphone. I especially loved how they identified Bryan Corey as 'Ryan' Corey. Fuckers.

Pawtucket can't win a game to save their lives, although they won last night. There was a story in the paper about Hansen and Delcarmen being useless and unable to prevent runs from scoring. Hansen gets really bummed when other pitchers get called up and not him. I don't really feel bad for him, mostly because I think he is an asshole. Unfair, I know.

In other news, Javier Lopez got called up and is doing a great job. Craig Hansen, Pawtucket's other lefty, must be real steamed. In fact, I'm sure everyone down in AAA is in a very bad mood.

Two things:
1. Kerry Robinson and Luis Jimenez have been released. I hope you guys enjoyed Rhode Island!
2. Hansack back in Pawtucket. Do you think he is fascinating? I sure do. A Nicaraguan lobsterman? I picture him out on his little boat with the nets and traps and no shoes on and a weathered cap and some scout with a laptop walking out on the pier as the seagulls scream overhead... and then the scout says, "You're a hard man to track down, Mr. Hansack."
3. I had some nice tickets to tomorrow night's game v. the Durham Bulls but I have to go away for a couple of days. To the Berkshires! Except I'll be working. I will be at Friday night's game, which is great because the Bulls only come to McCoy but once.

Happy belated Mother's Day!

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Jere said...

K and I went to this game. We got tickets, and then, seemingly, moments later, Hansack was sent down, and then, seemingly moments later again, they announced he'd start Sat. night. Was our first time at McCoy. Was fun. We didn't see you, but you weren't there. We knew what you looked like from the Kapstein pic, but I'll still always picture you as the girl in this post: http://baseballheavy.blogspot.com/2006/04/we-are-not-your-batting-practice.html

Because I think I thought that was you at the time. (The weird thing is, just now, when I went to search for that pic, I packed for a long journey, knowing I'd have to scroll through month after month from the archives to find it. I randomly selected Apil 06 to start, and there was the pic. I must've subconsciouly known.)