Let's talk about Lynx Stadium

Doesn't it look like a bank?

Do you know anything about the park up there in Ottawa? Chances are you do not. The Lynx are the AAA affiliate of the Phillies, but previously they were the Orioles team.

Check it out:
1. Been around since 93, won IL championship in 95
2. If you are a suite owner, you get to decorate it yourself. "Get to".
3. The manager and pitching coach have their own offices. Inside the office is their own personal shower.
4. "One of the larger rooms in the basement area of the stadium is a family lounge. This very popular area is frequented throughout the game by the players' wives and children. The basement area also has a large storage facility which is used by the stadium concessionaire. Food is stored or prepared by the catering company which serves the corporate suites. "

I love how they mentioned the food storage area like it's so awesome. They sure are proud!

5. "The employees of the Ottawa Lynx are fortunate enough to work out of the spacious offices of Lynx Stadium. Located on the first and second floors, employees have eleven offices, a large board room, kitchen facility, and spacious ticket office." You hear that, employees? You're FORTUNATE!

ROAD TRIP '08! Get your passports ready, amigos!

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