"I had a dream last night. Everything seemed alright. You weren't so far away. Sunshine in your eyes makes me wonder..."

Why do I have to wake up alone another day?

Last night's Red Sox game was good for everybody. As in, people are going to work in a good mood, perhaps swinging their briefcases merrily. They're singing songs in the park right now.

Try not to be too devastated when I tell you this: Boston cannot win this evening. I'll be at the park and my record there is atrosh. I did want to go to LAST night's game, but I could not get tickets and that's okay, even if it could be the best game all year. I was listening to it on the radio at work and wiping my eyes over Trot Nixon. Then I drove out to the suburbs and watched it there, on the couch, with poodles at midnight.

Yeah, I still don't have cable. I could learn a thing or two about fiscal responsibility from Theo E.


Jere said...

Good Riddance sounds like Crimpshrine.

Jenks said...

I don't think I ever listened to Good Riddance. Or I did and I don't remember. It's been years...