5.22.07 Red Sox v. Lynx - Ottawanna go back to Canada!

Pawtucket WINS! 7-3

Pawtucket SP - Alvarez (W, 3-3)
Ottawa SP - RHP Heath "Hotten" Totten (L, 1-2)

Alvarez pitched six whole innings, gave up three runs, walked one guy, and struck out seven. Seven! He threw 93 pitches, though, so I'm guessing he wasn't dazzling. Abe was scoreless for the first five and then blew it in the sixth.

H. Totten gave up four runs right off the bat. Ellsbury and Bobby Scales singled in the first, Jeff Bailey doubled, and Brandon Moss hit his eighth home run. Put that all together with an error and there you have the four runs. Brandon Moss has been great.

Totten strapped it on for a while after that, but then kicked off the seventh by giving up two more runs before getting an out. Bobby Scales batted in Ellsbury and Prieto. Then reliever Brian Sanches gave up the third seventh-inning run.

Edgar Martinez and Travis Hughes wrapped up the game, pitching three scoreless. And can we get a little love for Hughes? I've overlooked his reliability thus far. I'm going to buy him a gift card to Benny's.

PawSox have the day off today. See you tomorrow!

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