The Twins are coming to Shea.

June 18-20 the Twins will play the Mets in interleague. I must find someone to come with me.

The stadium seating chart is indecipherable to me. It looks like a Star Trek control panel.



Jere said...

One of the many shitty things about Shea, the seating chart. Don't even try.

And prepare for the most "rumpy old man"nish ushers you've ever met.

The secret to getting anywhere near the field (those ushers will monitor your progress like they're FBI. You won't get to that lower level unless you're a ninja) is going like 2, or even 2.5 hours early. They open ONE gate, Gate C I think, at that time, and you can watch BP from wherever you want. After that, it's solitary confinement in your proper seat.

Also, bring ear plugs for the jets flying over, or signs to hold up for the passengers on said planes to read.

While visiting lovely Flushing, don't forget to go to...Manhattan.

Jere said...

"grumpy," not "rumpy," although that's an even better name for them.