I'm so unsatisfied

HHH is not a great place to watch a baseball game. It has been said before and said in better ways but I am chiming in.

Was mostly beautiful to see the unfurling of Pedroia the Destroya under a fluffy white roof. Manny not in lineup? How about this guy!

When staying in a major American city, I always wish I could live there for six months because I feel like I am not truly getting it. Especially when you stay 'downtown'. I could live in Minneapolis like MTM and listen to the Replacements beneath the SkyWay.

Sunday's game resulted in a win for Boston but it was not as good as Saturday's game. I sat next to a giant of man folded into a tiny plastic seat and I could barely see around him. Saturday prior to the game's start you may have said Santana v Tavarez? We've lost! And Boston did lose, but most assuredly should not have.

I read in the paper that on Friday, one of Wake's pitches was clocked at 59. That makes me laugh and laugh. Fucking Wakefield. Can we clone him?

I struggled at times to not root for the Twins. Saturday when I applauded loudly for Kubel, the nuns? behind me were like, what? Nuns know baseball, man.

More to come.

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Novella said...

I completely agree - games in the Dome are hard - at least I found it hard to follow the ball in the air at times - I don't like astroturf crap - BUT I did like the climate control !!!!

Tavarez was great - he was just lacking the run support so desperately needed - and on Saturday we had nuns by us as well ...

There were quite a few empty seats in the house on Sunday, which surprised me - but maybe they gave up since Schilling was pitching - who knows !!!

The Twins fans were acting like Yankee fans after their crap job win on Saturday - I was so surprised, but it sure was quiet after the Sunday RS win ...

Glad you had a safe trip !