5.14.07 Pawtucket Red Sox v. Toledo Mud Hens - Cotter Pins

Pawtucket WINS! 3-1

I don't have much time. The medicine is beginning to work. I feel...pretty!

Your starting pitcher for this evening was lefty Kason Gabbard. His teammates call him Gabby and I want you all to stop and think what your stupid nickname would be if you played professional baseball. Gabbard pitched 5 phat innings and only gave up one run. His record has improved to 3-1.

Dennis Tankersley pitched seven innings for Toledo and gave up two runs. The name Tankersley does not exactly bring to mind lights-out pitching. I feel like DT has been around for a long time, yet I know nothing about him. His reliever, Ian Ostlund, gave up run number three, a solo HR to much-hated Chad Spann.

Craig Hansen relieved Gabbard and pitched for two innings and I have to wonder if Gabbard's outing was abbreviated so Hansen could get some work in a long relief type sitch. As in, not closing which is potentially stressful and not necessarily conducive to rebuilding confidence. Not that two innings is wicked long, but you know.

Brandon Moss doubled and Murphy and Bailey each got RBIs. Jacoby Ellsbury got a hit and also erred, in case you are into Ellsbury. I haven't seen him play in Pawtucket yet.

Up next: four games v. Durham Bulls (Tampa Bay). Not exactly as prospecty as last year, but recommended. Til then...

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